Smokeless Fuels

We stock a range of smokeless fuels, all packaged in 20Kg bags for your convenience. Please get in touch with us to order and to arrange delivery by boat if you are on our delivery route. We regularly stock the following products…

Lignite Briquettes
Also known as wood coal. Burns very hot with a lovely flame throught the burn. A great alternative to burning logs as they burn like logs but with a much longer burn time. They can be used in both stoves and open fires.

Oxbow Red
An economic ovoid for open fires and stoves that burns with a nice flame.  Suitable for smoke control areas.

Britain’s brightest budget premium fuel, and our most popular best seller. Suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Suitable for burning in smoke controlled areas.

Although we don’t hold stocks of other fuels, we are able to supply Supertherm, Briteheat and Anthracite grains, beans and small nuts.

As of 1st May 2021, the sale of house coal, and other none smokeless bituminous began to be phased out. This also included the ever popular Petcoke product which we used to stock. Both House coal and Petcoke are no longer available.

We also provide…

Red Diesel
As well smokeless fuels, red diesel is available, delivered directly into your boat’s tank or into drums supplied by you. Not suitable for road use.

Kindling & Logs
We carry a stock of Kiln Dried Hardwood (Birch) logs in 40 Litre nets and softwood kindling in smaller nets.

Calor Gas
We stock the most popular sizes of both Butane and Propane cylinders.

A regular stock of Elsan Blue and Morris Grease is kept on board. Other competitively priced chandlery based products such as ropes, fuel treatments, engine and gearbox oil, filters etc.  are available on a pre-order basis.